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by Plasmatron
Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:01 am
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Topic: Congrats we've cracked the 1000 mark!
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Re: Congrats we've cracked the 1000 mark!

Sure you don't mean 100 users? I swear I've never seen anywhere near 1,000 different users posting here (unless most are lurkers - like I was until recently). Congrats nonetheless; this place is thriving more than ever. I still remember the beige colour scheme and layout...
by Plasmatron
Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:41 am
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [CAN] Spire Living | 107m | 37lvls | Residential
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[CAN] Re: #Approved: Spire Living - 110m - 32lvl apartments

Definitely exciting to hear more about this landmark building, along with seeing new renders, making it feel more like a reality in the near-future... considering we've already been waiting several years. Shame construction wont be starting any sooner, but with so much else happening around the CBD ...
by Plasmatron
Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:47 am
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [COM] Victoria Square Upgrade - $24m
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[COM] Re: #Proposal: 97m Victoria Square Tower

I've been brewing my own idea for the Victoria Square Tower proposal. It combines the monument/archway concept and observation tower into one structure. First, the road going through the middle of Victoria Square would have to be completely paved over. The structure would span from where that road s...
by Plasmatron
Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:15 pm
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [COM] SGIC Building > GHD Building Redevelopment
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[COM] Re: SGIC Refurbishment

Well thats a shame, because I am really curious too see how this will look Its going to make a major impact and hopefully will make the city skyline 'modern' from the west and Victoria Square. Now if only they could also add a few more levels to the building, considering it's extremely prominent lo...
by Plasmatron
Mon Oct 29, 2007 3:42 pm
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [COM] SA Water | 56m | 11lvls | Office
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[COM] Re: UC # SA Water HQ - 11lvl - 55.5m

I didn't know you could potentially have six-star rated buildings, either. Same goes for the quadruple-A rating utilities. I guess triple-A just isn't good enough! “The 10-storey building will use over 70% less mains water compared to a conventional office building – saving 11 million litres of ...
by Plasmatron
Sun Oct 28, 2007 2:33 pm
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [CAN] [The Precinct] | 58m | 5 x 18lvls | Apartments
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[CAN] Re: #UC: The Precinct - 5 19 lvl - 62m towers

Well, I couldn't be bothered scanning the page (which wouldn't have fit into our scanner)... so I just took a photo, then sharpened it slightly, since it was a little blurry. I just realised that the same picture is already av...
by Plasmatron
Sat Oct 27, 2007 1:23 am
Forum: CBD Development
Topic: [COM] Conservatory on Hindmarsh | 62m | 18lvls | Mixed Use
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[COM] Re: #Under Construction: Conservatory on Hindmarsh - 61.5m 18lvl

Considering all these other lurking chaps are crawling out of the woodwork, strangely enough in the COH thread of all places, I might as well also publicly announce my existence. I've been regularly coming to this site (and Skyscrapercity) for about two years, but was always content to observe and n...