Move Government House to former LeCornu NrthAdel site

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Move Government House to former LeCornu NrthAdel site

#1 Post by madelaide » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:55 am

Is there any reason why Government House can't be lifted, in one piece, off its current site on North Terrace, big rigged up the road a bit, and placed in North Adelaide on the old Le Cornu site? The Governor might feel more at home there amongst the hob knobs, instead of exposed to anti-monarch sniping in the original location between a TDU cycling circuit, a war memorial, a parade ground for war, and Jamie's ristorante (I haven't been yet, is it alright?).

That would free up the North Terrace KWS corner for the new city train station, plus other shit people complain about. If J. Rau offered me a bobcat, I'd dig tunnels along the train lines from west of Morphett St Bridge to under original Government House for an unbelievable, very modern underground experience. Entrance to the subterranean train platforms would be sensational, world class, diverse, with vending machines and all sorts of other world class draw cards such as trains arriving and unarriving. Tourists would come from all over the hills to enjoy the 800 metre subway extravaganza.

This move would open the current city train station up for rejuvenation as a big empty site for 16 years. Or controversially, as a brand spanking new panda exhibit, where the two bamboovores could battle it out for sexy times on a brand new mattress purchased at the closing down sale of the Anzac Highway Le Cornu.

Then, people catching the train for games at Adelaide Oval might use the Festival Plaza as a thoroughfare, instead of a navigating through, over, around construction sites for the next ten years as Walker refuses to pick his pace up for at least some self-respect.

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Re: Move Government House to former LeCornu NrthAdel site

#2 Post by monotonehell » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:45 pm

rev wrote:If this gets built I'll base parachute off the top of it in the nude.

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