Mount Barker Obahn

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Mount Barker Obahn

#1 Post by ml69 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:16 am

Nathan wrote:
Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:42 am
Should probably go in Visions though:
SA transport expert Luigi Rossi proposes $1bn superfast train from Adelaide to Mt Barker ... 8869ba275b

A SUPERFAST rail link from Adelaide to Mt Barker would relieve travel woes for motorists, capitalise on tourism and prepare for population growth, according to a South Australian transport expert.

Former senior Transport Department bureaucrat Luigi Rossi, who has guided some of the state’s biggest infrastructure projects, has proposed a $1 billion fast rail connecting the city to the Hills, taking just 22 minutes and reaching a maximum speed of 160km/h.

Mr Rossi spoke at Mount Barker Council on Monday night about the renaissance of rail needed as the South Eastern Freeway neared its capacity.

“We see this as far more than a just a public transport project, we see this driving economic growth, housing affordability and lifestyle,” he said.

There were two options proposed for a rail link to Mt Barker. The first included using the existing rail corridor from Belair to Mt Barker and removing freight trains.

It would cost $50-$100 million with a travel time of 50 minutes. That cheapest option would be reliant on the Northern Freight Bypass being completed.

If it was upgraded to allow for tilting trains it would cost $250-$300 million, although speeds would still be restricted because of bends in the route.

The second and more beneficial option, according to Mr Rossi, was for a new rail corridor to deviate after Mitcham station and follow Brownhill Creek, including construction of viaducts.

The South Eastern Freeway’s median strip would then be used from Stirling right through to Mt Barker, with a total project cost estimated at $1 billion.

Engineer and project proponent Edwin Michell told the meeting: “This is a very achievable engineering project and well within the capability of what has been achieved already in Australia and SA”.

The council will consider funding a feasibility study for the project in the next two months.
Thinking about a long-term public transport solution for Mount Barker, wouldn't an Obahn busway be just as fast as rail but much more cost effective?

Let me explain. We already have a perfect route in place ... the South Eastern Freeway.

A Mount Barker Obahn could look something like this:

1) Mount Barker to Stirling (approx 20km):
Obahn track built into central grassed median strip of the SE Freeway. This would require no new bridges or underpasses (apart from pedestrian overpasses over the freeway to access the Obahn bus stations/stops).
5 new stations/stops to be built, with associated park and ride facilities.
- Bald Hills Road
- Mount Barker
- Hahndorf
- Bridgewater
- Stirling

2) Stirling to Glen Osmond (approx 9km):
This is the narrowest section of the SE Freeway, and it wouldn't be possible to run Obahn track here unless the Freeway was widened at great expense.
Hence I propose that Obahn buses travel on the normal freeway lanes as they currently do. However, on the city-bound lanes, I propose a new 2km section of "Bus Only" lane leading to the Toll Gate intersection so buses do not get caught in the regular morning traffic jam at this intersection. The "Bus Only" lane would not be required on the SE Freeway for Mt Barker-bound lanes.
There would be no stations/stops along this section of the route.

3) Glen Osmond to Fullarton/Greenhill Rd intersection (approx 3km):
A 3km long bus-only tunnel (which minimises tunnel width, and hence cost) would connect the SE Freeway with the Fullarton/Greenhill Rd intersection.
This would be the most expensive section of the route, but one which results in the greatest time saving for commuters. The tunnel would contain Obahn track to allow high speed running with safety. A 90kmh tunnel speed would allow this this section to be travelled in just over 2 minutes!
This section could be a Stage 2 project depending on available funding.

4) Fullarton/Greenhill Rd intersection to Wakefield Rd at CBD (approx 1.5km):
A new two-way bus-only connecting road running parallel with, and on the western side of Fullarton Rd. This section would have a top speed of 60kmh. This road would then exit onto Wakefield Rd (via bus-activated traffic lights) near where the Clipsal track meets Wakefield Rd.

Hence with the tunnel in place, you could have an Obahn bus running unimpeded at high-speed from Wakefield Rd all the way to Mt Barker, only stopping at one of the 5 purpose-built bus stations along the way. And it shouldn't cost a fortune either, particularly given the challenging terrain it needs to cover to get to Mt Barker.

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Re: Mount Barker Obahn

#2 Post by Norman » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:16 am

I like the idea of the bus-only tunnel from the city to Glen Osmond. There might be an issue with gradients at the Toll Gate end, but I'm not an expert on that.

The Bus Only lanes at the Toll Gate might be a bit tricky, there isn't a lot of space there as it is, so you would only have one commuter lane given that one is already used by trucks and the other would be used by buses.

I don't think the O-Bahn section between Stirling and Mount Barker is necessary, the buses already travel at a good speed in this section. You'd be better off widening the freeway and making one of the lanes a bus-only lane.

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Re: Mount Barker Obahn

#3 Post by rev » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:18 pm

Given the problems with heavy vehicles descending the SEF and the need for all the sand traps, where/how would obahn buses stop in an emergency?

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Re: Mount Barker Obahn

#4 Post by rubberman » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:53 pm

I'm not clear what an O-Bahn would achieve. Can't the buses go just as fast along the freeway?

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Re: Mount Barker Obahn

#5 Post by ml69 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:29 am

rubberman wrote:
Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:53 pm
I'm not clear what an O-Bahn would achieve. Can't the buses go just as fast along the freeway?
Speed + safety + passenger comfort because it's on a track.

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