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The Southern Star

#1 Post by sacred_june » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:24 am

On my last visit to adelaide just this past weekend, i drove past the Southern Star Observation Deck at Docklands whilst driving to Tullamarine Airport.

After opening sometime earlier this year for approximately 1 month, it has been closed with no re-open date set yet.
The Closure was due to structural defects, initially thought to have been caused by the heatwave of late january. Recently engineers discovered that the cracks and buckling of steel was due to design flaws.

With the pods of the observation wheel being taken off, i thought i'd take a few photos (low quality due to the fact im using my phone) and couldn't help but have a little feeling of satisfaction that Melbourne's "Ferris-wheel" was broken :D

Pods dropping like flies
photo taken on 20/6/09 (on the way to airport)

Only one pod left
photo taken on 25/6/09 (on my way back home - after my week in adelaide)

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