Guided Busways in other countries!

Discussion on developments interstate and overseas.
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Guided Busways in other countries!

#1 Post by The Scooter Guy » Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:36 pm

Other than the O-Bahn itself, Japan, parts of Europe & the UK also have some kerb guided busways.
The only fully operational installation is a single 6.5 km (4 mile) line in Nagoya, Aichi which opened on 23rd March 2001. This is served by five bus routes which are operated by three different bus companies. Away from the guided section the buses use the normal roadway. As with the many Japanese monorails or automated guideway transits the line is legally considered as a sort of railway.
The line is officially called Guideway Bus Shidami Line, although it is also has a nickname of Yutorito Line, this being is a combination of Yutori ("relaxed") and street (Sutorito). The name is also unofficially spelt Yutreet Line. It is owned by Nagoya Guideway Bus, whose name is also often used as an alternative name for the line.
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