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ABC Doco "Not quite art" Newcastle to Glasgow

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:41 pm
by monotonehell
It's 27 minutes long so make yourself a cuppa first.
Presenter Marcus Westbury travels to his home town of Newcastle, Australia where the cultural vision looks a lot like a real estate development. He then takes a trip to the Scottish city of Glasgow, where DIY culture has transformed a post-industrial casualty to a hub of happening culture in Europe. Marcus puts forward the question of whether you can buy culture by building an iconic building or even franchising a McLouvre or McGuggenheim? Or is culture a messy, dirty thing that comes from the bottom up, refuses to behave, is borderline illegal and breaks a lot of occupational health and safety rules?
Watch this with a mind to how people are calling for "iconic" establishments for art and culture. To paraphrase Marcus culture isn't something that should be housed in sterile establishments. Culture is something that livings things grow in, you can't grow a culture in a sterile environment.

My favourite quote: "If you leave any place empty long enough in Glasgow, artists are going to move in." They're worse than rats! :lol: