Delivering a more competitive South Australia

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Delivering a more competitive South Australia

#1 Post by PropertyozSA » Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:57 pm

Dear S-A Members

Just uploaded the Property Council's latest submission to the SA Government’s Competitiveness Council recommending areas of red tape reduction to make South Australia more competitive.

While I firmly believe that red tape mightn’t be a water cooler topic or a barbecue stopper, from a business perspective it certainly dampens our competitiveness and our productivity - something that needs addressing if we want to ensure that we get the Adelaide we all want.

What we have done in putting this submission together is to commend the State Government on its firm commitment to cut red tape by 25 per cent and the good work of the Government in cutting red tape to date. But we have also said that the Government needs to go further and we have highlighted a wide range of regulatory areas that the Government can reform including taxation, shop trading hours, Local Government reform (sure to be a spicy topic), sustainability, regulation of utilities, more on planning and urban development, occupational health and safety and real property law reforms.

Ultimately, if we as a state are to prosper, we need to have a regulatory system that balances the need to provide protections for the community with a system flexible enough to adapt to and react quickly to changing business and economic trends.

I think we all know that red tape reduction will encourage greater economic activity and deliver prosperity to all South Australians by removing unnecessary and excessive burdens on business. It will promote greater faith in the South Australian economy and make South Australia a more attractive location for interstate and foreign investors - meaning more people, more jobs and a new and vibrant city - this is where I think we all want to be.

To view the submission click on the link ... 16&id=1967.

We would love to hear your views on our submission or areas that we need to focus more on in the future.


Nathan Paine
Executive Director
Property Council of Australia (SA Division)

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