City living - what's your experience?

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Re: City living - what's your experience?

#16 Post by mshagg » Tue May 27, 2014 10:33 am

Ive lived in the CBD for a few years now, about half way up the altitude building, down in the west end. Unfortunately the serviced-apartment model of said development negates the opportunity for a sense of community, but that's probably the extent of my complaints with the building.

Im a cubicle rat in the black stump so the 10 minute walk to work is luxurious (although i do miss cycling to work from the eastern burbs and that's one thing that i consider every year when deciding whether to move or not). Accessibility of the markets, CBD shopping, adelaide oval (proud SACA member) etc are fantastic. 100Mbps internet another big plus. Proximity to the riverbank precinct is good, i often ride along the torrens and have enjoyed watching it take shape over the last couple of years. Have watched the city skyline transmform as well, with many cranes coming and going... makes for an interest time series of photos! Leigh and peel streets but a stone's throw away.

Challenges as mentioned are storage space (but that in a way is liberating as well - i disowned a 3br house full of posessions when i moved into the city). Also on the rare occasion i do need to head east during peak hour, the crosstown drive from the west end can be the longest part of the journey! Ideally i'd like to live in the north east of the city, but there's a cost to do so.

It can be noisy where i am (traffic & emergency services mostly), but the buzz and vibe is actually soemthing i enjoy about city living. Im hoping the unisa and hospital developments bring a bit more to the western end of hindley st as the run between KWS and morphett, whilst entertaining and hilarious on a friday/saturday night, is a little too bogan for my tastes!

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Re: City living - what's your experience?

#17 Post by Wayno » Tue May 27, 2014 4:34 pm

rev wrote:How many of you are single, and how many of you have young children?
I have a daughter aged 16. My immediate neighbour is a couple with 2 kids, aged 5 & 3. Next to them are another couple with new born babe (circa Jan 2014) and 2 dogs. The rest of the people on my side of the street are a mix of young professional couples, empty-nesters, and retirees. The bird woman is single with 10,000 fu@king pigeons as surrogate children.
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