[U/C] 124 Waymouth Street | ~50m | 15 Levels | Student Accom

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[U/C] Re: 124 Waymouth Street | 56m | 17 Levels | Student Accom

#76 Post by Ben » Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:46 pm

Looks like this may only be 15 levels now.
Variation to Development Authorisation 020/A004/19- Reduction in building height, amendments to the building facade, lift core and internal floor plan, deletion of level 15/16 sky lounge terrace and open pergola structure on level 15.

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[U/C] Re: 124 Waymouth Street | ~50m | 15 Levels | Student Accom

#77 Post by noted » Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:06 pm

It sounds like they have gotten rid of pretty much the only redeeming feature- too bad they didn't reduce it by another 50 metres.

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[U/C] Re: 124 Waymouth Street | ~50m | 15 Levels | Student Accom

#78 Post by SRW » Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:27 pm

Amendments to façade accompanying the other changes is concerning. Because deleting the roof top amenities/levels sounds like dumbing down something's that's already pretty stupid:
I can't imagine the government architect will be ok with any amenity loss for residents, and I'm pretty sure roof top gardens (or some open space) are required guidelines for student accomodation. The ground level beer garden-esque area won't suffice on its own.
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[U/C] Re: 124 Waymouth Street | ~50m | 15 Levels | Student Accom

#79 Post by EBG » Sun Aug 25, 2019 4:36 pm

The start of the lift core and some columns being former up near the front of the site.25/8/19. click on picture for bigger.
20190825_way st.jpg

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