[APP] Adelaide Oval Hotel

All high-rise, low-rise and street developments in the Adelaide and North Adelaide areas.
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[APP] Re: Adelaide Oval Hotel

#526 Post by rev » Sat Dec 28, 2019 4:15 am

Waewick wrote:
Fri Dec 27, 2019 10:27 pm
It's really not that bad.

The clearance is well over two metres ( those fences are usually atleast 2 metres). It looks like it is going to blend in fine with the oval.
They're 1.8m

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[APP] [APP] Re: Adelaide Oval Hotel

#527 Post by ChillyPhilly » Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:51 am

For a bit of night time perspective.


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[APP] Re: Adelaide Oval Hotel

#528 Post by Nort » Sat Dec 28, 2019 9:07 am

With this first part deviating so much from those renders I'm not looking forward to seeing the rest.

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