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[APP] Re: [APP] Re: [APP] Re: Adelaide Oval Hotel

#391 Post by Bob » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:40 am

citywatcher wrote:
Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:32 pm
Bob wrote:
citywatcher wrote:
Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:17 pm
Where's your proof Perth is no.3 in front of Adelaide?
When Perth establishes a long history over many years of large consistent attendances, universal accolades for being a beautiful ground with a large social and event status and lauded by cricketers and commentators all over the world come back to us.
Until then you can't provide any assessable criteria.

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Let me keep this simple – we are talking about looking through the windscreen not out the rear view mirror, Sydney & Melbourne will always be first regardless of what stadiums they have when it comes to attracting major events that leaves Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth competing the next tier of getting the remainder.

In the cricket world Adelaide Oval was the next preferred venue (#3) for many years and has a lot of history - I think we all agree on that, but now Perth is competing and in some areas passing AO. I provided the NZ Test Match tour schedule next summer as one example previously, the next wakeup call will be when there is a cricket summer where only four tests will be played, then one of the three tier two cities will miss out. I would be confident Perth would now get a slot leaving Adelaide and Brisbane competing for the final slot, Adelaide may miss the cut. Then people in SA will be spitting dummies everywhere, how can they do that? Everyone says AO is the best cricket ground in the world, why have we missed out?

My simple point is AO redevelopment was the best thing that happened in Adelaide for a long time, the novelty factor was great for the first few years, however plans will need to be made to ensure it stays relevant in the long term. That must include significant repeat business of annual international events and not only gets bums on seats but get those bums visiting from OS in decent numbers and on a regular basis. Looking for continual improvement is the only way to remain relevant in very competitive environment, best not to dig heads in emotional sand and let the world go past.

In simple attendance record terms, Perth Stadium has already passed AO on a like for like basis across most like for like events in its short history already. Perth is the #3 stadium in Australia for seated capacity. It also has rave reviews – AO didn’t have exclusivity on rave reviews from ex-cricketers or journalists you know.

Maybe actually read and absorb my posts instead of just looking at them. Trying to be helpful here to make sure AO moves forwards, sometimes that will require constructive criticism.
This is not evidence
It is anecdotal and subjective

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Donald Trump Twitter like responses can you make you look like someone who can’t deliver what it says on the package, it’s all fur coat and no knickers.

Anyhow as SRW wants to bring this topic back to the Adelaide Oval Hotel I will park my further detailed thoughts on this broader topic until a future, more appropriate time, and not hijack this thread any further.

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[APP] Re: Adelaide Oval Hotel

#392 Post by claybro » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:10 am

And ironically, just on the hotel, the only mention on Perth media relating to Adelaide Oval recently (aside from the obvious AFL) was an update of the pending construction of the AO hotel. No mention in this clip about destruction of the magnificent architecture... just what a unique and popular addition it will prove to be.

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