Submission to DPTI - Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan

Threads relating to transport, water, etc. within the CBD and Metropolitan area.
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Re: Submission to DPTI - Integrated Transport and Land Use P

#16 Post by how good is he » Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:57 am

I am all for the points mentioned but curious to know if cost/benefit analysis or basic economic reality comes into it?
What I can see is a submission of a $30-$50 billion wish list at the same time the govt can't find $1billion..or $ obviously it's a long term plan - so will you put a timeframe on it?

Can I also say based on the Federal govt policies they have prioritised improving major highways/roads and train for freight/business over electrifying trains for commuters etc. This is economic reality so will a proposed funding model be put into the submission based on each project?

By all means submit the wishlist but I would say the priority would be addressing each projects economic impact.

I think with AO they budgeted that the $535m investment would return $110m per annum so theoretically the investment is paid back in 5 years.
So I would ask, how many of these projects would pay for themselves in five years or less?

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