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Community Developement Groups/Funds

#1 Post by JamesXander » Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:54 am

I am in an ideas mood of late, and this one just randomly struck me whilst I was driving. We always hear about how people would love to fix Britannia, would like the road fixed here or there.

My idea is that the government (fed or state) encourage, or help set up Community Developement Groups. These groups would work within a set area of the city, with anyone who wants to join, can. Or atleast they can have a say. Its not a council, but a group who puts forward ideas for developements they want fast tracked or just put on the radar.

The group would then set out a list of there key priorites, would forward it to their council, state or fed level of government. They would then put this list to the community, and just like a charity, try to receive community financial support towards projects. These projects could be anything from public toilets to road works, to public art. Just imagine the fiscal support the community would give to the Britannia round about! I am sure alot of poeple would give $20 or so. You may think this is peanuts. But every million would help, and it would mean other levels of government would be more inclined to support the project also.

I also thought that perhaps a donation to the group would be 50% tax deductable or something along those lines.

I think this general idea has potential!

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