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Re: Riverland & Mallee | Developments & News

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:25 am
by Vee
Great story about a massive mural painted on a Coonalpyn Silo, putting this small Coorong township (on the Dukes Highway) on the map. The art silos have given the town and local community a welcome social and economic boost.

The artist used a cherry picker to paint the 30 metre high silos and used 5 local children as subjects to promote his "futures" theme.
Australia's largest and arguably most complex mural has been finished, with artist Guido van Helten putting the final touches on the silos at Coonalpyn in South Australia

The artist, Guido van Helten ... said the children represented the future of the town, and he hoped the giant art work might inspire those children and others "to a path through creative industries".

...the town loved their new artwork. And the ambitious exercise is already paying dividends, with an increased number of cars passing through town stopping and spending their money there.

"The stopping rate is 40 per hour and we're getting lots of great feedback from the businesses because everyone is benefitting."
In a main street peppered with closed shops, two new businesses have opened on the back of the increased trade — a cafe and a grocery store.
The painting of the 30-metre silos was the flagship project in an arts-renewal program called Creating Coonalpyn.

The aim was to attract more visitors to the struggling farming town, and bring the community together through art.
"The social benefit of these sort of community arts projects are enormous and we've already seen a massive shift in terms of civic pride..."
ABC News: ... ct/8380546

Re: Riverland & Mallee | Developments & News

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:01 pm
by eKwatee
Should it stay or should it go
Almost a year after plans for a redevelopment of the Bridgeport Hotel became public, the same old issues are holding up the development.
Murray Standard News: ... -concerns/

other article here: ... h-the-old/