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Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:09 pm
by wilkiebarkid
rhino wrote:
Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:56 am
monotonehell wrote:
Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:02 am
I've only heard it as a tourist marketing term. Referring to everything touristy along the coast from Selleck's Hill to Deep Creek.
Which would preclude it from the "contiguous urban area" qualification
It's only the 3 small urban areas of Normanville, Yankallila and Carrickalinga.

Gawler and immediate surrounds comes under Adelaide's greater metropolitan area, as does the others mention above, Mount Barker, Aldinga, Sellicks, etc.

I drive to Murray Bridge every month and I can assure you it does not fit the description of being an outer suburb of Adelaide and is not captured by the Greater Adelaide population.

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Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:43 pm
by wilkiebarkid
SBD wrote:
Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:44 am
GoodSmackUp wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:47 pm
crawf wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:17 pm


Btw I didn't realise Murray Bridge was that big now. Despite both being outer suburbs of Adelaide now, it would be interesting to see where Gawler and Mt Barker would fit in that list.
Town of Gawler, which includes
Bibaringa (5118)
Evanston (5116)
Evanston Gardens (5116)
Evanston Park (5116)
Evanston South (5116)
Gawler (5118)
Gawler East (5118)
Gawler South (5118)
Gawler West (5118)
Hillier (5116)
Kudla (5115) and
Willaston (5118)

Is around 23,000
You might be able to argue that Gawler is realy just a suburb of Adelaide (especially if you were making that argument for Millicent or Penola as suburbs of Mt Gambier).

Alternatively there are a few more places that are part of urban Gawler but not the Town of Gawler. I'd say it should include include Reid, Buchfeld and Hillier on the west, Hewett and Gawler Belt to the north. Probably also Kalbeeba and Concordia on the east.
Here's the map used for GREATER ADELAIDE by the ABS. All of the above are part of GREATER ADELAIDE when it comes to head counting!


Sourced from ABS website

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:04 pm
by flaneur
Mt Gambier's economy as well as parts of the Limestone Coast suffer as a result of no passenger rail. The choice is car, bus, plane. The car is convenient, the bus is not popular choice and slow, plane is expensive. When Sharpe Airlines had their Adelaide service it was cheaper to fly to Portland than to catch the direct plane from Adelaide to Mt Gambier. The choice of Qantas Link to Whyalla instead of Mt Gambier was a political move. Trucking companies are very political in the Limestone Coast and fear a passenger train would open the gate for rail freight. Local tour operators would benefit rather than tour companies that originate from Melbourne or Adelaide.
Passenger rail could have opened the opportunity for the Tour Down Under.

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:09 pm
by flaneur
sad to see Masters go, had a far better and interesting range than Bunnings, would have liked the partnership taken away from Woolworths. Visited a hardware chain in Germany which had a range and price that would have competed more than well against Bunnings

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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:16 pm
by Spurdo
Article paywalled, but this sounds like it could be the beginning of something pretty interesting if all goes to plan. ... tepped-up/

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Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 4:46 pm
by d3v310per
From Adelaide Now...
Tenders called for in $9.2 million Mount Gambier Airport overhaul
A $9.2 million revamp of Mt Gambier Airport now has a completion date, and work is due to begin soon on its new terminal.

A $9.2 million overhaul of Mount Gambier Airport is expected to be complete by the end of next year, as the local council has called for tenders to build the project’s major component — its new terminal.

Grant Council acting chief executive Jane Fetherstonhaugh hoped work on the new building would begin in the second half of this year, accounting for about $4-5 million of the project’s overall price tag.

An extension to the runway is due to start within the next two months, Mrs Fetherstonhaugh said, adding to work on a new heavy aircraft apron and an upgrade of airfield lighting.

It’s hoped the works will bring a steady flow of extra tourists to the state’s South-East.

“It will act as a catalyst to unlock the potential on the Limestone Coast,” Mrs Fetherstonhaugh said.

“There’s a lot of unspoilt natural places near Mount Gambier — numerous sinkholes and beautiful coast that’s relatively untouched.

“It’s opening it up so we can show off more of our beautiful region to visitors.”

Visitor numbers to the region have already been boosted by Rex’s new $129 community flights between Mount Gambier, Melbourne and Adelaide, introduced during September.

The Federal Government is contributing $3.5 million towards the upgrade, and the State Government is pitching in $4 million.

Grant Council, which owns the airport, will pay $1.2 million and the neighbouring Mount Gambier will contribute $500,000.

Mrs Fetherstonhaugh said the current 30-year-old terminal was “just about past its use-by date” and the council expected the overhaul to make the landmark “a destination”.

“It’s more than a place to arrive at — it’s also a place where you can have meetings and get a meal,” she said.

About 80 people will work on the project during construction and it will create up to 136 direct and indirect jobs once complete, mostly in tourism.

It is also expected to boost agriculture and allow more freight opportunities for “high-value, short shelf-life produce”.

Economic modelling shows the new airport will boost the local economy by at least $36.5 million over 25 years.

The council has incorporated space for future security screening requirements, which in the short term will be used for events and commercial ventures.

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Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:48 pm
by Levesque
Not a physical development per se, but it looks like we might see some more developments in Whyalla and Mount Gambier as a result of this. ... al-cities/
South Australia's GigCity to expand into two regional cities

South Australian Innovation and Skills Minister David Pisoni has announced that the regional cities of Whyalla and Mt Gambier will gain connectivity to Adelaide's GigCity network before the end of the year.

The South Australian government has provided AU$1 million to fund the rollout, with Adelaide company MIMP Connecting Solutions receiving the nod to perform the network expansion.

Prior to providing the AU$1 million for the GigCity network, the SA government used AU$7.6 million to help set up the initial dozen GigCity precincts and allocated AU$2.9 million over four years during last year's state budget towards adding more precincts to the network.

"We have a vision to make South Australia the nation's startup capital, with the highest rate of business startups per capita within a decade," Pisoni said.

GigCity is based on the state-owned high-speed backbone network called SABRENet, the South Australian Broadband Research and Education Network. It connects designated key innovation precincts, which are currently only in Adelaide -- with others in the pipeline. Businesses in those precincts can buy gigabit fibre connections from the "precinct manager" through retail service provider EscapeNet.

Whyalla Council CEO Chris Cowley said the rollout would be a "game changer" for the local economy, with around 220 businesses in Mount Gambier and around 70 in Whyalla expected to take up the service.

"GigCity is an essential element for the transformation of Whyalla, which will allow businesses to gain a technological competitive advantage and drive innovation," Cowley said.

Once the rollout is complete, businesses in Whyalla and Mt Gambier will be able to sign up to internet services that provide 1GB download and upload speeds, with a government official claiming it will provide speeds that are 20 times faster than what is currently available.

Pricing for these services will be similar to those currently available in metropolitan Adelaide GigCity precincts, ranging from AU$50 to AU$180 per month, depending on the size of the business and the chosen plan.

The SA government last month, through its 2019-20 state Budget, also allocated funds to a handful of new and existing initiatives, such as AU$551 million for the Adelaide City Deal that was announced earlier this year.

The Adelaide City Deal is a partnership between the state government, the federal government, and the City of Adelaide, which hopes to create initiatives that add skilled and productive jobs of the future to the state's economy, boost Adelaide's population through migration and planning reforms, and enhance cultural experiences by generating greater opportunities in the state's tourism sector.

GigCity was launched back in 2017.