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Re: #Complete: Port Lincoln Hotel (7lvl, $50m)

#76 Post by crawf » Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:27 pm

Every time I look at it, I keep thinking its in Glenelg lol

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Re: #Complete: Port Lincoln Hotel (7lvl, $50m)

#77 Post by Walkinshaw » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:50 pm

Howie wrote:
Will wrote:
Howie wrote:Know if the architects did much work on holdfast shores? It's similar to the style we see at glenelg currently.
Yes, both projects are by Woodhead International
Thanks Will. Perhaps it would be nice if someone from there might be able to give us a bit of a run-down on the design and it's inspiration.
The team was made up from a few who were involved at Glenelg yes

Architect - Woohead
Builder - Baulderstone Hornibrook
Structural Eng - Connell Wagner
Service Eng - Bassett & lincolne Scott

Structure is conventional FRP Ground Level 1 and Level .2 Precast & Deltacore floor panels Level 3 through Level 6. Single 3car lift core and 3 precast shear walls.

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Re: #Complete: Port Lincoln Hotel (7lvl, $50m)

#78 Post by Howie » Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:11 pm

Thanks Walky, great info there mate !

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Re: #Complete: Port Lincoln Hotel (7lvl, $50m)

#79 Post by Walkinshaw » Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:33 pm

Howie wrote:Thanks Walky, great info there mate !
NP's. Worked there for 20months, glad i remembered something usefull

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Re: #Complete: Port Lincoln Hotel (7lvl, $50m)

#80 Post by SRW » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:53 pm

Premier launches Pt Lincoln hotel venture
Posted 4 hours 13 minutes ago
Updated 4 hours 12 minutes ago
ABC News Online

Political and tourism leaders have gathered at Port Lincoln for the official launch of a big regional hotel development.

The 111-room Port Lincoln Hotel has been developed by fishing and property businessman Sam Sarin, along with Adelaide Crows identities Mark Ricciuto and Simon Goodwin.

At the launch, Premier Mike Rann said the hotel was symbolic of the growth in regional South Australia.

"I think it's fantastic, I mean this is actually a top-class international-class hotel in Port Lincoln," he said.

"When you think about it, our regions are on the edge of a major economic boom with all the mining that's coming in, including Eyre Peninsula, over at Ceduna, so that's going to have a real impact."

And a nip for the Tourism Minister ...

Also in Port Lincoln for the launch was SA Tourism Minister Jane Lomax-Smith.

She visited local tuna pens and was bitten while swimming with the fish.

"I have to say I'll get my own back, I can promise you I'll be eating more (of the) tuna than they've eaten (of) me."
:lol: at J.Lo!
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PROPOSED: 2-300 block Sleaford Cove Development

#81 Post by rhino » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:57 am

Development plan has Port Lincoln up in arms
BRYAN LITTLELY From: The Advertiser June 01, 2010 12:01AM

PLANS for a 300-allotment housing estate overlooking the wild coastline of Sleaford Bay near Port Lincoln have outraged the lower Eyre Peninsula community.
A public meeting headed by Sleaford Bay land owner Michelle de la Perrelle to discuss issues surrounding the Sleaford Cove proposal by Port Lincoln businessman and developer Ron Forster will be held tonight.
The proposal is before the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula and has the support of Port Lincoln Mayor Peter Davis.
The public meeting, in Nautilus Theatre, Port Lincoln, will discuss issues concerning the rezoning of the land, environmental impacts and the lack of infrastructure at Sleaford Bay.
"It's a wild, rugged coastline," resident and objector Dennis Lightfoot said.
"It won't be a Gold Coast. It is bitterly cold and is lashed by the southerly winds during the winter. It's the coldest hole in the world. How people could expect to grow gardens there, I don't know."
Mr Lightfoot said his main concern was that the district would not be able to sustain the many new housing developments taking place on lower Eyre Peninsula.
"We can't keep making properties, keep subdividing," he said.
"We have to balance that with industries and developments which will generate income."
Mr Lightfoot added the "beautiful ruggedness" of the coastline in the Sleaford Bay area would be spoiled by development in the area and the "standard West Coast fire concerns" apply to the area.
"If a fire were to come through that area, people down there would be virtually trapped," he said.
District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula chief executive officer Rod Pearson said council had been invited to attend the public meeting to provide information on the processes involved in the development application.
Mr Pearson said the application was presented to council in April and the council had deferred any decision until July.
He said the council was approached by the Rockford Pastoral Company in April with regards to rezoning the land parcel which is zoned as coastal and general farming.
Mr Pearson said the proposal is for 200 to 300 lots.
"What's been suggested is a mixture of types, including residential, rural residential, rural living and tourist accommodation," he said.
The land is boarded by Fishery Bay Rd, Sleaford Bay Rd and an unnamed road.
Mr Davis, who has embarked on his own development of Boston Island off the coast of Port Lincoln, backs the subdivision plan. He says, particularly on eastern Eyre Peninsula, the only possible way farmers can get value for their coastal land is to have projects like that being considered at Sleaford Bay.
"Sleaford Bay will be a Rolls Royce project," he said.
Attempts to contact Mr Forster for comment regarding his development proposal were unsuccessful.

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Re: PROPOSED: 2-300 block Sleaford Cove Development

#82 Post by flavze » Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:30 pm

really dont see the point of it tbh, wouldn't have thought the demand would be there. I've been there a few times and wouldn't consider living there.

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Port Lincoln Development & News

#83 Post by rev » Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:33 pm

Fishing wharf in $100m port plan

* by: Rural Affair Heather Kennett
* From: Sunday Mail (SA)
* December 03, 2011 10:00PM


A PLAN to build a new wharf in Port Lincoln will cater for the expansion of its fishing fleet.

The 250m long wharf, with an additional 250m T-section, is planned for Proper Bay and would see Port Lincoln's fishing fleet relocated from the existing main wharf in the heart of the city.

Developer Dean Lukin Jr said a $100 million industrial and residential development, which also featured an industrial precinct and 400 new housing allotments including 45 seafront blocks, was designed to meet future demand for berths at the state's biggest fishing hub.

"The main wharf will become increasingly congested with iron ore also proposed to be exported out of there, so there is becoming no room for the fishing sector," Mr Lukin said.

"There's already not enough room, as the fishing sector requires a new unloading facility and it can't keep unloading at the main wharf or the marina because it's not designed for it."

An application to rezone the large site - near the city's existing marina - from deferred residential to residential and industrial was under way and needed to be approved before the proposal could progress any further.

Mr Lukin said if the proposal went ahead he planned to name the wharf after his grandfather, Dinko Lukin, a pioneer of Port Lincoln's fishing industry, who died in July.

"It is a sign of respect for his contribution to the fishing industry," he said. He was hopeful planning approval would be granted by the state's Development Assessment Commission late next year.

Tuna Boat Owners Association of Australia president Brian Jeffriess agreed additional wharf facilities were needed to help service Port Lincoln's growing fishing and mineral exports sectors.

"The fleet's expanding so we need more wharf facilities as the current wharf facilities aren't up to scratch," Mr Jeffriess said.

"The main wharf is very old and is increasingly used by freighters for wheat and imports of fertiliser.

"The fishing fleet needs a dedicated wharf - it's by far the biggest business in town, it's the largest job creator, with seafood out of Port Lincoln among the state's top five exports." He said the residential component of the development would also help the city meet future growth.

[email protected]

http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/fishing-w ... 6213180915
Doesn't look too exciting, but that is just an artists impression.
Hopefully there is some multistory developments.

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Re: #PRO $100m port/wharf @ Port Lincoln

#84 Post by rhino » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:05 am

If you see that site in person, it's even less exciting. Not a bad spot for an industrial site (although the water in Proper Bay is shallow - I suspect a fair amount of dredging will be required for the wharf to be able to service any large boats), but the residential area on the coast will be sandwiched between that and the already existing industrial zone along the edge of Proper Bay. Not something you'd really want to look at from your hi-rise apartment.

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Dean Lukin's great white golf plan for Port Lincoln

#85 Post by crawf » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:38 am

Awesome proposal and well suited for the town. I would love to see Port Lincoln become a much bigger city in the future.

It was after all one of the proposed locations for a State Capital.
Dean Lukin's great white golf plan
Rural Editor Nigel Austin
July 02, 2012 10:00PM
http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/dean-luki ... 6415054239

An artist's impression of Port Lincoln identity Dean Lukin's proposed 18-hole international golf course development for the Eyre Peninsula city.

TELL US: Is this really the future for Port Lincoln?
PORT Lincoln's reputation as home to the great white shark will be a major attraction in a new $300-million-plus development planned for the city.

An 18-hole golf course will feature the outline of a shark, which is aimed at luring tourists. The Lukin Corporation, owned by Olympic gold medallist Dean Lukin snr, unveiled its masterplan to the Port Lincoln City Council last night.

The company will ask for the plan to be supported at the council's next meeting in a month's time.

Lukin Corporation chief executive Dean Lukin jnr said last night's presentation to council was well received.

"Some of the elected members congratulated us on our vision and there were a lot of compliments," he said.

Port Lincoln City Council Mayor Bruce Green could not be reached for comment last night.

The 20-year project includes at least 500 homes, a commercial precinct, wharf, hotel and shopping centre at Proper Bay, on the southern edge of the Port Lincoln marina.

Mr Lukin said the plan anticipated Port Lincoln taking off in coming years with the expansion of the tuna industry, rapid growth of the mining sector and BP's oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight.

"We want to make Port Lincoln the regional capital of South Australia, and if we can achieve this no other regional city would be able to compete with us," Mr Lukin said.

Mr Lukin said a need to relocate the large Port Lincoln fishing fleet from the central wharf was the initial driver of the development.

But it is the shark design at the golf course which he hopes will help put Port Lincoln even more on the international tourism map.

"It will be the biggest tourist attraction and because it has never been done in the world, it should help draw a lot of international visitors to Port Lincoln," Mr Lukin said. The proposal for an 18-hole golf course to replace its existing course has the broad support of the Port Lincoln Golf Club.

"The spin-off effects of this development would be so big for Port Lincoln, it will provide so many jobs with the wharf project alone a big deal, yet it is only one small section of the whole project," Mr Lukin said.

The project stems from Dean Lukin snr's vision to buy the 150ha site in 1998 from BHP which had used it to freight sand from Coffin Bay to Port Lincoln for shipment to markets.

The development is being backed by the fishing industry, Port Lincoln Golf Club, Regional Development Australia, Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula and Port Lincoln Marina developer Sam Sarin.

The plan includes the revitalisation of the central marina area as a focus for tourism and visitor accommodation.

Regional Development Australia, Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula chief executive, Mark Cant said the fishing industry needed a new facility to support its growth.

South Australian Sardine Association chief executive Paul Watson said the development was vital for the future of the region's seafood sector with all fisheries supporting the plan.

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Re: Dean Lukin's great white golf plan for Port Lincoln

#86 Post by Hooligan » Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:51 am

If Port Lincoln is considered metropolitan these days we go a big problem with sprawl :p

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Re: Dean Lukin's great white golf plan for Port Lincoln

#87 Post by crawf » Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:32 pm


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Re: Dean Lukin's great white golf plan for Port Lincoln

#88 Post by Wayno » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:04 pm

done. moved topic to Regional Development.
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Re: Dean Lukin's great white golf plan for Port Lincoln

#89 Post by Omicron » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:09 pm

The shark is, um, distinctive. If there's a market for the development, great! What they need is for all that southern bluefin aquaculture malarkey to take off on a large scale.

Someone fill me in regarding Port Lincoln. Is it nice there?

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Re: Dean Lukin's great white golf plan for Port Lincoln

#90 Post by Will » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:22 pm

From the Port Lincoln Times:
Hit a round on a shark

02 Jul, 2012 11:30 PM
A WORLD-RENOWNED golf course in the shape of a great white shark is the centrepiece of a concept plan for the future of the former BHP land in Port Lincoln.

The land's developers, the Lukin family, and the Sarin Group have revealed a joint 30-year vision for the precinct, incorporating the next stage of the Lincoln Cove Marina. The vision includes the golf course, a shopping complex and tourist accommodation where the leisure centre is now.

Dean Lukin Junior said it made sense to take a united strategic approach for the whole location. Mr Lukin said once both developments were complete the entire area would be bigger than Tumby Bay. He said the plan could come to fruition sooner but he felt that 30 years was a realistic time frame.

"This development, including the Sarin Group's, is the biggest thing that will happen in Port Lincoln in our lifetime," Mr Lukin said. "Port Lincoln does need some growth but we need to start stepping outside the square. I encourage people to think about where we were 30 years ago, 1982 was before the marina was even thought of. I think Port Lincoln should aim to be the number one regional city in South Australia."

Mr Lukin and Sarin Group representative Glen Karutz were expected to present this vision to Port Lincoln City Council councillors at their meeting last night. Mr Lukin said in the future they would ask the council to include the concept in its structure plan, which is being developed.

The 30-year vision illustrates the Lukins' plans for their 150-hectare development, which will include residential allotments, an industrial area and commercial wharf, a shopping centre complex and golf course. Mr Lukin said the proposed shark-shaped course had never been done anywhere in the world and he hoped to get a big player on board to help design the course to make it a "must play" destination course.

"I wanted to design something that will be recognised all over the world and put Port Lincoln on the map. It's got to be a world icon; I want people to talk about it." He said there was a lucrative market in destination golf courses among golf lovers. "They'll fly to a golf course and they'll stay there and just play golf."

Mr Lukin has also spoken to the Port Lincoln Golf Club and said members were open to moving to the new course.

Mr Lukin said the new wharf would probably be the first stage of development, providing a home for the local fishing industry, in particular the sardine fishery, and a significant number of jobs. "We can't I underestimate what this will do for the local economy."

Sardine Industry Association chief executive officer Paul Watson said the sardine industry would be the most frequent user, handling the highest tonnage at the new wharf.
He is among key stakeholders who have come up with preliminary designs for the new wharf. "The sardine industry absolutely needs to support this and give the best advice it can - it's a must happen development," Mr Watson said.

Mr Lukin said the development plan amendment process to change the zoning of the land to allow the development to go ahead was into the investigation stage, which he expected to take about another 10 weeks.

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