Tour Down Under

All event related discussion should go here.. e.g. Clipsal 500, Womadelaide, SALA, etc.
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Re: Tour Down Under

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A couple of news pieces...

Santos has extended its sponsorship of the TDU for another three years: ... ore-years/

And Mike Turtur will step down as race director after next year's event: ... x#cxrecs_s

Will be interesting to see who his successor is and what, if any, major changes they make to the race.
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Re: Tour Down Under

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Looks like the TDU has been canned for 2021 due to international border/quarantine issues. Sucks.

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Re: Tour Down Under

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Ho Really wrote:
Mon Nov 02, 2020 1:23 pm
Looks like the TDU has been canned for 2021 due to quarantine issues. Sucks.

Yes, but it would be politically impossible to fill the immigration quota for a few weeks with cyclists and their entourage while people are complaining about not being able to get their friends and family home/to visit. Especially if there were special conditions that allowed them to train while in quarantine (essentially in "moving bubbles") as you can't expect people to perform at that level immediately after spending a fortnight in one room.
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