Introduction Thread

Anything goes here.. :) Now with Beer Garden for our smoking patrons.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Norman »

Welcome We hope you enjoy your stay in Adelaide, and look forward to hearing your insights and opinions.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by HiTouch »

Harryleo wrote:
Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:16 pm
Hi, Everyone, it's me, Myself Harry from the UK. I am a new member here and will like to increase my friend list with the help of this board. Joining communities these days becomes trends and people love to condensate with each other in free time. I have a joined this board for talking about travel. This is my passion and love to make my free time to memorize trough this always. Anyone like to say welcome me here?
Hi Harry!!
Welcome to the forum!! It's awesome to have you here. Here at sensational-adelaide, we are all about making sure you feel welcome and are informed of the local developments in Adelaide. Certain people are passionate about certain things and have certain quirks about them.

Pikey is the Einstein of developments, Ben is the detective in the CBD, Scooter Guy is a North East Metro Whizzz, Norman is Mr Railway, SBD is Auto McRoads, Rev is the dreamer, TimTam is the Raphael (the teenage mutant ninja turtles kind) and Shuz is the bandit who got out of jail, but everyone reports to Howie who is the king of all developments. To get to him, you need to go through crawf and Wayno who really are the 2ics.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by CharlSx »

Hello everyone!

Long time reader, first time poster here.

A little about myself,

My name is Charl and I’ve been living in Adelaide since I was 8 years old. I’m originally from Pretoria, South Africa but my parents wanted a better life for me and my two brothers. We lived in Perth for around 8 months with some family and then my dad got a job here in Adelaide. I’ve been back home a couple of times but my home town is Adelaide and I love it here.

I’m currently in year 12, I’m heavily involved in my schools LGBTQ alliance program, I play tennis and I’m also a swimmer. I hope that when I leave school I can study architecture, city planning or cartography. I also love aviation and quite often you’ll find me plane spotting with a camera in hand ^__^

Please be gentle with me!
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Llessur2002 »

Welcome to the forum! :)
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Neko Neko Peko Peko »

Hi Everyone,

I wish to introduce myself. I have often been checking out this website over the past 6 years to keep a track of what has been happening in Adelaide and finally decided to join a few months ago to express my opinion over future and happening projects in this brilliant city.

I am a Graduate of Architecture, having lived in Adelaide my whole life and have a vision for the future of this city. I understand Adelaide has a special place in Australia as being a more laid back city, however I believe it has so much potential to become a competitive booming city with a greater skyline while retaining its charm. As a young professional, beginning his career, I am currently both excited over the major projects happening, and frustrated over the regulations and stinginess that seem to slow us down or replace an opportunity with something cheap and bland.

I look forward to seeing you around.

Kind regards,
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Ho Really »

Welcome to the forum Neko Neko Peko Peko. We'll be looking forward to your professional input as an architect (and of course, your love for this city).

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by TheCrown1 »

G'day my name is Joe, I am an Urban Planner from Melbourne. Never been to Adelaide in my 28 year of living, but gonna make the trip over summer with the misso. I'm a mark for all things development Urban development thus why I am on this forum. I am hoping to start a property development venture in the next three years here in the Melbourne and Geelong market.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Ben »

Welcome and thanks for taking an interest in our city. We hope you enjoy it during your visit.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by BeckyTranh »

Hi Forum

My name is Becky. I am currently studying Urban and Regional Planning at UNISA. I have interests in suburban design, transport infrastructure and shopping precincts. Before I start what forums would accommodate suburban design and shopping centres. Mainly discussion and speculation.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by ChillyPhilly »

Welcome, Becky!

I too did the degree.

There are various forums that can accommodate your planning interests. You'll find general suburban design in Metropolitan Development or General Development Discussion. Shopping centres, depending on where they are located, can be found in these forums as well.

Enjoy your time here!
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