Gov't Convoy Through Town Today

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Gov't Convoy Through Town Today

Post by fkj »

Today as i was walking passed the central markets, a highway patrol style police car, along with two police motorbikes, were escorting 5 or 6 government vehicles, with single number license plates, interestingly enough, car 1 had license plate 1 :applause:
Anyone know what this was for?

EDIT: by today i mean yesterday, Tuesday.
how on earth is it already past midnight :!:
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Re: Gov't Convoy Through Town Today

Post by sam »


The PM's car has the numberplate C1, the governor's has the crown in place of the numberplate - I've no idea about just 1!

I'm quite curious now too.. lol
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Re: Gov't Convoy Through Town Today

Post by ghs »

The courts are in that area near the central market, they were most likely
transporting some guys in custody at the adelaide remand centre to / from the courts.
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