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Re: News & Discussion: Adelaide City Council

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crawf wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:33 pm
Norman wrote:
Wed Apr 14, 2021 10:36 pm
I would rather question why The Advertiser is happy to commit journalists to this trash and not to more newsworthy stories.

Probably a newsdrop... or maybe trash stories about the City Council get lots of clicks?

How about reporting what's happening with the Riverbank to Market Link? Or the North Terrace footpath upgrade? Or asking the councillors what their overall vision for the city is? Because I would like to know the answers to those questions. But then again, why would they care about the important things?
Add to that, where is the plan to overhaul Grenfell/Currie Street. The paving, lighting, the whole streetscrape is deplorable and an embarrassment. I walked along Grenfell on Saturday night a few weeks ago and the lighting was so extremely poor, very unsafe. Not to mention with Sofitel and soon Wyndham Grand and QT eventually opening on Grenfell, the street needs serious investment
My perennial bugbear. It's our busiest street but least maintained. Fix it ffs! There would surely be an uptick in public transport use if the street though which most routes pass was more pleasant and safe.
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