News & Discussion: Adelaide City Council

All high-rise, low-rise and street developments in the Adelaide and North Adelaide areas.
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Re: News & Discussion: Adelaide City Council

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It was voted down, but for very much the wrong reasons. It's laughable that the ones that voted it down, were the ones that pushed for the compromised dog leg in the first place. Their interest isn't in doing it right, it's in fucking with the project enough that it ends up never happening.

The state government announced funding for it back in 2016. The last thing the project needs is more fear mongering at businesses in the area, veiled as "consultation".
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Re: News & Discussion: Adelaide City Council

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East-West Bikeway:
At its meeting on 15 December 2020, Council noted the proposed route of the East-West Bikeway along Franklin Street, Flinders Street, Gawler Place, Wakefield Street and Wakefield Road. Click here for more information and to have your say.
Consultation closes 5pm, Friday 19 February 2021.
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