News & Discussion: Squares and Parklands

All high-rise, low-rise and street developments in the Adelaide and North Adelaide areas.
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Re: News & Discussion: Squares and Parklands

Post by Patrick_27 »

Nathan wrote:
Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:56 am
It's a shame. I liked RCC at Adelaide Uni, particularly since it gave them a lot of venue space to focus a lot more on programming. I wonder what happened.
The Adelaide Uni location had venue space on its side, but it did nothing to expand and improve on the entertainment on offer, in fact I would go so far as to say that the quality of shows and installations dropped in favour of more popular main stage artists on the main lawn. Hopefully the return to Vic Square will see it rehash the events tents. Further to that, there's nothing to stop it expanding outside of the square and activate nearby locations like the old Adelaide bus terminal or even the Adelaide GPO whilst they wait for development to progress on that site. I think there is a huge opportunity with this move and especially considering they need to get creative with the whole COVID thing and keeping spaces big and open. Adelaide need to consider what makes Edinburgh Fringe so successful and mammoth, activating the smallest of spaces which will in turn drive the number of events and hopefully help drop the overheads for artists and organisers.
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Re: News & Discussion: Squares and Parklands

Post by Nathan »

I didn't mind that it was a bit harder to "pop in for drinks", since that wasn't the focus (unlike the previous VicSq version). I think the programming was excellent, but perhaps that's because I'm on a similar wavelength to the kind of shows David Sefton likes to curate. I only went to one show on the main lawn during the first year, but went to many of the smaller shows that were held in the old Uni Bar and the halls fronting North Tce. I can't see how that can transpose to Victoria Square with a single venue.

The Garden and Gluttony already cover off the massive outdoor bar ground, and I genuinely enjoyed that RCC was pivoting to be a kind of middle ground between Fringe and Adelaide Festival, with a small touch of FOMA/Dark MOFO thrown in, instead.
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Re: News & Discussion: Squares and Parklands

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Adelaide Aquatic Centre to remain open. ... 9YKK4hTkII

Fact: The Leisure Pools originally opened in March 1990 and underwent a mass remodeling in 2014.
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Re: News & Discussion: Squares and Parklands

Post by ChillyPhilly »

RCC was most popular at Victoria Square.

However, I've seen that its closing time will be 10pm, which is a bit ridiculous.
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Re: News & Discussion: Squares and Parklands

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What an incredibly short sighted move on Council's part. Closing time should be 12 midnight at minimum.

Otherwise let the state government step in and override council if they can't come to their senses.
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