Idle scuttlebutt

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Idle scuttlebutt

#1 Post by stumpjumper » Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:05 pm

I haven't dealt in this particular product - idle scuttlebutt - for a while, but here are a couple of interesting bits of hearsay:

- The City of Adelaide CEO didn't resign to the regret of councillors; he was sacked because, in his efforts to protect his administrative empire from the elected members, he 'filled the new mayor's head with a lot of rubbish about how the council ran'. When he realised he had been misled, the new mayor did what he had to to get rid of the CEO. It was generally agreed that the CEO was intent on controlling everything that went on at the council, to the exclusion of the elected members.

- Meanwhile at Burnside Council, the administration's attempt to knobble the elected members by means of a Draconian 'Code of Conduct' was thrown out after a lawyer from Norman Waterhouse and Mutton explained to the council that use of the harsh clauses was likely to result in law suits which the council administration would lose .Further, the influence over a number of councillors of a certain brothel-owning gentleman is said to have ceased. Everyone at Burnside is breathing more freely.

Let 'em sue, Howie.

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