ADL entertainment precinct

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ADL entertainment precinct

#1 Post by Benm16 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:07 am

I drive past this part of Adelaide at least twice a week and every time I do I begin to see the potential of this space. With easy access from the city with the tram line and all northern train lines, along with the existing entertainment centre and Bonython park for concerts and festivals I feel this area would be a great space for an entertainment precinct for Adelaide. My idea focuses on what Adelaide doesn't have but would be great if we did. A theme park added in a section of Bonython park with the existing concert space to be left alone, with an extension of the river into the park as a main central water way for fireworks, light and water fountain display. The popeye could also make its way into this section of the river. The theme park could contain three different sections each with a different theme, similar to most theme parks around the world. There could be two main access entrances one to the west for tram passengers and carparking and one to the east for the train passengers with a new train station replacing the current north Adelaide stop. To the other side of port road could provide a planatrium as we do not have one but would be great if we did and also an extension to the snow dome however making a much more interesting one with chairlifts, ski slopes, icy skating ring and a zone for just playing in the snow. My vision of this would be similar to the snow dome in Dubai which is very popular. Being a country with limited snow and none in South Australia I feel that if we had a more interesting and fun snow dome people would visit it.
Our climate is also perfect for a theme park as we don't get very many rainy days and our summers are long and not too harsh. The royal Adelaide show is a great way to see how a theme park in Adelaide could become very popular if its done properly. It would also provide tourists of Adelaide with something to do. Now that Adelaides lists of hotels are growing and the addition of Adelaide oval and the convention centre bringing in more tourism I feel this would be a great idea to help people want to visit Adelaide.
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