Shaping the Future of Construction report

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Shaping the Future of Construction report

#1 Post by Vee » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:55 am

Interesting article in the World Economic Forum on technological innovation in the construction industry, including a link to the downloadable 'Shaping the Future of Construction' report.

How Elon Musk and other pioneers are shaking up the construction industry
Elon Musk’s tweet in December 2016 startled the construction industry. ... Only a month later, he started excavating the first test trench on Space X headquarters in Los Angeles – an incredibly fast move for such a traditionally slow sector.
Thanks to Musk’s visionary and bold approach, he succeeds in attracting the best talent to his projects ...

This is just one prominent example of a growing number of innovators and disruptive companies shaking up the industry. With 3D-printed houses, automatically designed hospitals, prefabricated skyscrapers – once futuristic dreams are now becoming a reality, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group.
Building the future
Relative to other industries, productivity in construction has stalled over the past 50 years. Technology was not making any fundamental advances, and companies remained averse to changing their traditional methods.

Recently, however, transformative technological developments have emerged, and some pioneering firms have adopted them for current projects. These developments – 3D printing, building information modeling, wireless sensing and autonomous equipment, to name just a few – are already starting to turn traditional business models upside down.

The 'Shaping the Future of Construction' (Inspiring Innovators redefine the Industry) report outlines 10 cases that illustrate the value of embracing innovation.
Read the full article in
World Economic Forum: ... n-industry

Shaping the Future of Construction report ... e-industry

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