News & Discussion : New Restaurants, Bars & Night Clubs

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Re: News & Discussion : New Restaurants, Bars & Night Clubs

#571 Post by Patrick_27 » Wed Jul 10, 2024 2:02 pm

Couple of things to note:

Looks like Sushi Train on Grenfell Street has now permanently closed. No reason was given on the notice stuck to the door.

Also, Gonzo Group (Cry Baby, Memphis Slims, Shotgun Willies and Sugar) are opening a bar/live music venue in the vacant tenancy at the bottom of the Crown Plaza building on Frome Street apparently with the working title of 'Honey Drip' or 'Honey Suckle' or something to that effect (named after a cocktail from one of there existing bars). Having come from the live music industry it seems like a weird choice, if I'm honest, but that said the ceilings are high enough that they could probably fit a mezzanine in the space if they wanted to.

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