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(Old) Index of Adelaide Projects

#1 Post by AtD » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:12 am

This list is no longer maintained. Please refer to ... f=1&t=1273

Some of the heights quoted in this list are "guessitmates" based on the number of floors and their use. Information in this list may be incorrect or out of date. If you find such an error, or something worth adding (especially developer's websites), please let me know via a reply.

Thanks to all of you who've trawled though newspapers, council minutes, developers marketing and such to find this information for us.

SSC: link to thread
SA: link to thread

City of Adelaide
Many smaller developments are mentioned only in general or lowrise development threads: SA Lowrise thread, SA General CBD Development Thread, SSC Lowrise thread
  • 20-22 Currie Street: Approved (SA. SSC)
    - Glass "sculpture" office complex between Peel St and Gilbert Place, 125m/31 levels.
  • Spire: Approved (SA, SSC, Developer's property report)
    - Apartment tower on the east side of Bentham Street, approved at 92m to roof, 98m to spire. Apparently also approved 105m/33 levels. (Note that this is not part of the City Central Project)
    Info thanks to Pikey, beamer85, Will.
  • 115 King William Street: Proposed (SA, SSC)
    - Office tower near the corner of King William and Waymouth Streets, 90m/24 levels
    Info thanks to Howie, Pants
  • City Central Project: (SA, SSC, Webcam thread (defunct?), Developer's Website, Original rumor thread)
    -$600 million development of the block bordered by King William, Waymouth, Bentham and Franklin Streets, includes the GPO and Advertiser buildings.
    • City Central One (ANZ): Complete (SSC 1, SSC 2, SA)
      - Office tower, 19-21 Waymouth Street. 21 storeys/84m, 99m to spire.
    • City Central Two (Ernst & Young): Under Construction (SA, SSC)
      - Offices on the former Advertiser site on corner of Franklin and King William Streets. 51m/14 levels
    • Electra House: Proposed
      - Redevelopment of existing heritage building into 4 storey retail and restaurant/bar facility.
    • City Central Four (Australia Post): Proposed
      - Office tower to house the new Adelaide GPO, south of CC1. 7 levels?
    • Adelaide GPO: Proposed
      - Conversion of existing heritage structure to high-end retail and conference facilities.
    • City Central Six: Proposed (SA, SSC)
      - Offices on Franklin Street, 30,000sqm, west of Bentham Street 46m/12 levels
    • Keith Murdoch House: Complete
      - New offices for The Advertiser/Sunday Mail, Waymouth Street, east of Bentham Street. 5 levels
    • City Central Seven: Proposed
      - A 11 storey hotel tower on Franklin Street located behind hotel and retail redevelopment of GPO building.
    • Darling Building Proposed
      - Redevelopment of existing heritage structure.
    Info thanks to Pants, Pikey, Algernon, Will, beamer85
  • 73-79 Pirie Street: Approved (SA, SSC)
    - Office block on the site of the former Planet nightclub, 75m/20 levels
    Info thanks to Will, Pikey, Culwulla, splashmo
  • Kings Apartments: Vision (SA, SSC)
    - Possible twin towers on either side of Queens Theatre, with glass canopy in between. 102 and 114 Waymouth St, 73m?/23 levels.
    Info thanks to Ho Really.
  • 42-56 Franklin Street: Approved (SA)
    - New 25,000sqm office complex on the site of a former Telecom/Telstra exchange. 65m?/18 levels.
    Info thanks to Will.
  • Conservatory on Hindmarsh: Approved (SA, SSC, Builder's website)
    - Apartment/office complex on the corner of Hindmarsh Square Grenfell Street, to replace the existing RAA building. Project includes heritage YWCA building. 62m/19 levels.
    Info thanks to Pikey, Algernon, Pants, beamer85, Howie, Will.
  • The Precinct Adelaide Central: Under Construction (SA, SSC, Developer's website)
    - Formerly known as 'City West.' Redevelopment of the Interstate Bus Depot and Balfours site, to include five apartment towers on top of a podium including a new terminal, 62m/19 levels
    Info thanks to AG, Howie, spazpecker, Adelach, Al, Pants.
  • 105 Waymouth Street: Proposed (SA, SSC)
    - Office building, west of Light Square. 60m/16 levels
    Info thanks to MaximumForce, Howie,
  • Renaissance Arcade Apartments: Proposed (SA, SSC)
    - Behind the Masions Hotel, Pultney Street and Richmond Hotel, Rundle Mall, on top of Renaissance Arcade. 60m?/20 levels
    Info thanks to JAKJ, Howie.
  • 100 Grote Street: Proposed (SA)
    - Hotel behind existing Church of Christ and next to Franklin bus terminal, 56m/15 levels.
    Info thanks to Done.
  • SA Water: Under Construction (SA, SSC)
    - Mixed use office building on the former Tram Barn site, will also contain community facilities for the Catholic Church. Corner of Angus Street and Victoria Square, 56m/11 levels
    Info thanks to Algernon, Will, Pants, Al
  • Colonial Mutual Life Building: Redevelopment, Proposed (SA)
    - Conversion of existing 1930's office building into a hotel. 41-55 King William Street, 52m/12 levels.
    Info thanks to beamer85
  • Aurora on Pirie: Approved (SA, SSC)
    - Twin tower office complex with retail and car park, 131-147 Pirie Street. First proposal rejected by the ACC at 55m/15 levels, then approved at 57m/15 levels.
    Info thanks to Howie.
  • 20 Hindmarsh Square: Approved (SA, SSC)
    - Two towers on the site of existing Academy Cinemas, 54m/15 level hotel and 51m/14 level apartment block.
  • Octagon Apartments: Under Construction (SA, SSC)
    - Student Accom, on the site of Metro Theatre, 88-90 Hindley Street, 47m/16 levels
    Info thanks to Will, Pikey
  • Freemasons Apartments: Proposed (SA, SSC)
    - Apartment and commercial/retail building on the site of the Masonic Centre, 254 North Terrace. 17 levels.
    Info thanks to beamer85, Howie
  • Lot 8: Under Construction (SA)
    -Mixed use residential, office and retail building at 16-20 Coglin Place, off Gouger Street. 43m/13 levels.
    Info thanks to Will.
  • Yorke Commercial Campus: Approved (SA, SSC)
    - Construction of two ten story and one eight story office buildings, on the site of existing York Motors Mitsubishi showroom and workshops, corner of Angus and Pultney Streets.
    Info thanks to Pants, AdelaideSkyTraveller, Howie, Al
  • 374-400 King William Street: Approved (SA, SSC)
    - Offices on the former Repco site, corner of Gilles Street. 40m?/10 levels
    Info thanks to Will
  • Place on Brougham: Under Construction SSC, SA)
    - Redevelopment of the former Adelaide International Hotel into luxury apartments. Corner of O'Connell Street and Brougham Place, North Adelaide, 35m/10 levels.
    Info thanks to Pants, Will
  • Tivoli Tower: Under Construction (SA)
    - New apartment complex behind the existing Tivoli Hotel, 261-269 Pirie Street, 32m/10 levels
    Info thanks to Al, Howie, Algernon, Will
  • 16-20 Coglin Place: Under Construction (SA)
    - Mixed use office, retail and residential development, 40m/12 levels
    Info thanks to beamer85, Will
  • 29 Angus Street: Proposed (SA)
    - Mixed apartments and office building on the site of the former RSL Headquarters, 12 levels
    Info thanks to Will
  • Wave: Proposed (SA)
    -Mixed use structure ground floor retail, two levels of car parks, three levels of office tenancies and six levels of apartments, 11-19 Gilles Street. 12 levels.
    Info thanks to Will.
  • 25 Market Street: Proposed (SA)
    - Mixed use development, including penthouse apartments, offices, retail and car park. 30m/9 levels.
    Info thanks to Will.
  • Azucar: Approved
    - Apartment building at 22A Moger Lane and 21-23 Tam O'Shanter Place, 29m/11 levels.
    Info thanks to Will.
  • Edge: Proposed (SA)
    - Office complex with ground floor retail and car parks, 416-420 King William Street, 40m/11 levels.
    Info thanks to Will.
  • iPad: Under Construction
    Student accommodation, 302-306 Waymouth Street, 9 levels.
    Info thanks to Will, beamer85
  • 379 King William Street: Proposed (SA)
    - Residential building with lower levels office, south of Sturt Street. 40m/12 levels
    Info thanks to Will, Pants, Snorkie101
  • 102-120 Wakefield Street: Proposed (SA, SSC)
    - Twin towers opposite the Adelaide fire station, north tower car park and south tower offices. 40m/10 levels.
    Info thanks to beamer85
  • Adelaide University Engineering Building: Approved (SA)
    - New facilities for Adelaide University Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Science, to be built on the site of the existing Mathematics Building in the North Terrace campus. 8 levels.
    Info thanks to Al, AG
  • Minster Ellison Building: Under Construction (SA)
    - Formerly known as the Thomson Playford Building. Office building on empty site opposite Supreme Courts on Gouger Street, 30m/8 levels.
    Info thanks to Al
  • 121-130 West Terrace: Proposed
    - Commercial building with office, retail and car parking, corner of Gouger Street. 8 levels.
  • New Seasons of Adelaide: Proposed
    - Conversion of former Bank of New South Wales (Westpac) building into a hotel, including a 4 level addition to the rear of the existing 8 level structure, 2-12 King William Street.
    Info thanks to beamer85
  • Olympic House: Proposed (SA)
    - Apartments, 77-88 West Terrace, 7 levels.
    Info thanks to Algernon
  • Opalfield House: Approved?
    - Redevelopment of existing structure into new offices, King William Street, north of Hindley Street. 7 levels
  • Rydges South Park: Approved
    - Expansion of existing hotel, to include more car parks and conference facilites, 1-10 South Tce, corner of West Tce, 7 levels.
    Info thanks to Will
  • Imagine 88: Approved (SA, SSC)
    - Combined hotel, residential and retail development for the former Le Cornu site, 88 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide. Rejected by ACC, approved by the state. 6 levels.
    Info thanks to Howie, Pants, Algernon, stumpjumper
  • 142-184 Franklin Street: Proposed
    - Apartment building, 6 levels
    Info thanks to beamer85
  • Mayfair Apartments: Approved
    - Residential and retail development on the corner of Hutt and Angas streets, 5 levels.
  • 185 Gouger Street: Proposed
    - Apartments on the site of the former Mercedes-Benz showroom, between Selby Street and Claxton Street. 5 levels.
    Info thanks to beamer85
  • Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Hospital: Proposed (SA, SSC)
    - Construction of a new major hospital to replace the Royal Adelaide and the Queen Elizabeth Hospitals, on existing rail depot site, North Terrace. To be included in the 2007-08 state budget, $1.7 billion. I include 3 levels above and 3 below ground, and a new rail station.
  • Victoria Park: Approved (SA)
    New grandstand and facilities at Victoria Park for both horse and motor racing.
  • SkyCity Adelaide: Under Construction (SA, SSC)
    - Upgrade of existing casino, including new entertainment facilities and car park, along with the addition of balconies on existing heritage facade.
    Info thanks to Aussie2000
  • Streetscape Upgrades:
    • Hindmarsh Square: Under Construction
    • North Tce, Stage 2: Under Construction (SA)
    • Grote Street: Under Construction (SA)
    • Rundle Convergence: Approved (SA, SSC)
      - Corner of Rundle and Pultney streets, includes proposal for various large-scale multimedia displays
  • Old & Archived ACC Projects:
    • Captail City: Cancelled (SSC)
      - Retail and office complex on Rundle Mall, with a landmark gold observation tower, cancelled due to lack of demand. 18 levels/200m
    • Princess Apartments: Complete (SSC, SA)
      - Redevelopment of the former Santos building off Grenfell Street (next to Telstra) into an apartment tower, adding 4 levels. 50m?/16 levels
      Info thanks to Will, Algernon, Howie
    • Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Courts: Complete (SSC)
      - Corner of Angas Street and Victoria Square. 12 stories/48m
    • 223 North Terrace: Complete (SSC, SA)
      - Two apartment towers on top of the Adelaide Central Plaza (formally John Martins) car park. Corner of North Terrace and Charles Street. 16 levels/48m
      Info thanks to Will
    • Flinders Link: Complete (SA, SSC)
      - Two office towers with large car park, IAG and Santos, corner of Flinders and Wyatt Streets. IAG 38m/9 levels, Santos 61m/15 levels.
      Info thanks to Pikey, Will
    • Globe Apartments: Cancelled (SSC)
      - Proposed apartment tower on Synagogue Place, off Rundle Street, 16 storeys/50m, reapplied for approval at 10 levels, then withdrawn.
      Info thanks to Pants, Pikey, Will
    • Horizon Apartments: Complete (SSC)
      -Serviced Apartment tower, 104 North Terrace, 50m/18 levels
    • Eastwest Apartments: Complete (SSC)
      - Student accommodation, across from Adelaide University, 227 North Terrace. 38m/14 levels.
    • The Pinnacle: Cancelled (SSC)
      - Office block proposed to be squeezed into the 6.2m gap between the Telstra Exchange and Allegra Hotel on Waymouth Street. 66m/21 levels
    • Palais Apartments: Complete (SA)
      - Apartment building on North Terrace, east of Pultney Street, 5 levels.
      Info thanks to Howie
    • UniSA City West: Complete
      - New classrooms and facilities on Hindley Street and North Terrace.
City of Holdfast Bay
  • Twin Towers: Proposed (Cancelled?) (SA, SSC)
    -Twin apartment towers near Anzac Hwy, Glenelg, 17 levels
    Info thanks to Algernon, Will
  • Holdfast Shores Development: (SSC)
    - News retail, hotels and apartments along the Glenelg beach front, also includes new facilities for Surf Lifesaving club.
    • Platinum: Complete (SA)
      Apartment tower as part of the final stage of Holdfast Shores development. 27m?/9 levels
    • The Beach-house: Complete* (SA)
      - Entertainment complex to replace Magic Mountain, includes retail. 5 levels Still UC, Australia's first single arm ferries wheel.
    Latitude: Rejected (SA)
    - Residential building on South Esplanade, Glenelg, 12 levels. Rejected by council due to heritage concerns.
    Info thanks to Algernon, Will
  • Colley Tce Apartments: Proposed
    - 8 level apartment block in Glenelg.
    Info thanks to Will
  • Liberty Towers: Complete (SSC)
    - Apartment complex on the corner of Colley Tce and Anzac Hwy, Glenelg. 12 levels
  • Moseley Square Redevelopment: Complete (SA, SSC)
    - Redevelopment of public space, including new pavers, new tram stop and new water feature.
    Info thanks to AG
Other Adelaide Metro
  • Port Adelaide Waterfront: Under Construction (SSC, SA, Developer's website)
    - $1.2b urban renewal around the Port River, Port Adelaide, including four 12 storey apartment towers and several low-rise apartments. (Port Adelaide Enfield)
  • Infinity Waters: Under Construction (SA, Developer's website)
    - Apartment building on the banks of the boating lake, Brebner Drive, West Lakes, 7 levels. (City of Charles Sturt)
    Info thanks to Algernon
  • AAMI Stadium: Proposed (SA)
    - Several upgrades, including: more seating; new facilities for members; a new super-screen; and; more food retail sites. West Lakes Bvd, West Lakes. (City of Charles Sturt)
    Info thanks to crawf
  • Air Apartments: Complete (SSC)
    - Conversion of former ETSA building, corner of Greenhill and Fullarton Roads, Eastwood, 12 levels. (City of Burnside)
  • Major Shopping Centres
    • Westfield Marion: Approved (SA)
      - Expansion of existing shopping centre, Morphett Road, Oaklands Park. (City of Marion)
    • Harbourtown Parafield: Approved (SA)
      - Construction of new shopping complex on Airport land, Main North Road, Parafield. (City of Salisbury)
    • Westfield Tea Tree Plaza: Approved (SA)
      - Expansion of existing shopping centre, North East Road, Modbury. (City of Tea Tree Gully)
Transport Projects
General transport project discussion threads and forums: SSC (1, 2, 3), SA, RailSA, Railpage, ATDB
  • Glenelg Tram Upgrades: (SA, SSC, SSC2, RailSA, Railpage (various))
    - Includes new rolling stock (Complete), upgrade of existing track work, (Complete), extension to North Tce (Under Construction) and overpass at South Road (Proposed).
  • Adelaide Airport T1 Expansion: Proposed (SSC, SA, SSC)
    - Expansion of the new multi-purpose Terminal One, to include at least one new aerobridge and demolition of old International terminal.
  • Port River Expressway: Under Construction (SA)
    - Expressway from Salisbury to Port Adelaide, with opening bridge and freight rail link.
  • Northern Expressway: Approved (SA)
    - Freeway from Gawler and Gepps Cross, bypassing Angle Vale as an alternate to Main North Road.
  • South Road Underpasses: Approved (SA)
    - Underpasses at Anzac Hwy, Port Rd and Sturt Rd, and vision for North-South non-stop route linking Salisbury Highway, the Port River Expressway and Southern Expressway.
  • Bakewell Underpass: Under Construction (SA 1, SA 2)
    - Replacement of exiting Glover Ave (Henley Beach Rd) overpass with a new underpass
  • Outer Harbor Upgrades: Under Construction
    - Various upgrades including deepening the sea channel, new grain wharf and terminal and new rail freight corridor.
    Info thanks to Rev
  • Archived Transport Projects
    • Adelaide Airport Terminal 1: Complete (SSC, SA, Website)
      - Construction of new combined International, Domestic and Regional terminal and facilities.
    • Adelaide Rail Electrification: Vision (SA, Railpage)
      - Various proposals to electrify the passenger rail network, including replacement with Light rail
    • Port Adelaide Tram line: Vision (SA)
      - Proposed replacement of existing heavy rail passenger services to Outer Harbor with light rail or trams, related to rail electrification above.
Again, if you know of any errors, updates or any extra information for this list, please inform me via a reply.
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#2 Post by Pants » Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:28 am

Brilliant stuff mate. Must have taken you ages.

Much appreciated.

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#3 Post by AtD » Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:32 am

Hey, it's on the front page. Cool. :D

Yeah it took me several hours to dig though the thousands of posts we have made over the years, so please, keep it updated! I don't want to have to do all that again in 12 months time!

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#4 Post by Will » Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:14 pm

Great stuff Adam!

I have found a few corrections, and I can assure you that these are 100% accurate as they are based on documents from the council.

City Central Hotel:
(although still not concrete, the latest proposal is for a 14 level tower)

City Central Tower 7:

There will be an office tower built immediately south of CCT1, however nothing is concrete at this stage and this proposal is still for the future

73-79 Pirie Street:

*75m to top of structure
*20 levels

Conservatory of Hindmarsh:

*19 levels

Globe Apatments:


SA Water:

*11 levels

223 North Terrace:


And Latitude at Glenelg was 12 levels.

You may also want to add the 11-12 level proposal for 22a Moger Lane.

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#5 Post by crawf » Sun Jul 30, 2006 8:58 pm

this is a brilliant idea :D, connecting both construction forums

i might do this with the regional projects thread.

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#6 Post by AtD » Mon Jul 31, 2006 1:22 am

Update 31 Jul 06
- Added link to pikey's original rumor thread for the City Central project, which I thought was pruned long ago.
- Added UniSA City West, will gather some more info on it tomorrow.
- Added Opalfield House, but couldn't find much info on it.
The following deserves big thanks to Will:
- Changed City Central Hotel to 14 levels
- Added City Central Seven, which begs the question, what of CC3 though CC6?
- Changed 73-79 Pirie to 75m/20 levels
- Changed Conservatory on Hindmars to 62m/19 levels
- Updated Globe apartments to cancelled
- Changed SA Water to 56m/11 levels
- Changed 223 North Tce to 48m
- Changed Latitude to 12 levels
- Added 22 Mogor Lane building

Crawf, well, I thought it'd be a good idea to include links to both forums (as well as others) because SSC has a goldmine of info of proposals that never made it, while SA is a goldmine of proposals that are yet to make it.

I was very happy to find the original thread "Advertiser building and surrounds may be puchased for Hi-Rise development in Adelaide" - I thought that was deleted. Memories...

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#7 Post by Pikey » Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:42 am

Well, actually with Globe, there has been a DA a couple months ago changing the design to a 10 level tower. Haven't heard if it had been approved or not though.

Top effort Adam!
Walking on over....

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#8 Post by Will » Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:50 pm

Pikey wrote:Well, actually with Globe, there has been a DA a couple months ago changing the design to a 10 level tower. Haven't heard if it had been approved or not though.

Top effort Adam!
Yes, a DA was lodged for a 10 level buildinga few months ago, but that one has also been withdrawn.

And Adam, the Moger Lane development is still only proposed and it is 11 or 12 levels.

There is also a 8 level apartment block which has been lodged with the Holdfast Bay council for Colley Terrace.

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#9 Post by Will » Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:53 pm

Another project we have forgotten about is the 10 level Tivoli Tower at 261-269 Pirie Street. This one is 32m tall and it should be under construction.

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#10 Post by AtD » Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:07 pm

Update, 31 Jul 06
Thanks to Will:
- Changed error in Moger Lane development - 12 levels proposed
- Added Tivoli Tower
- Added Colley Tce Apartments
Thanks to Will and Pikey
- Updated Globe to include the second 10 level proposal that has already been knocked back.

My bad with Morger Lane, I went to update it but got distracted by goings on in SSC. I also don't know how I missed the Tivoli building!

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#11 Post by AtD » Fri Aug 04, 2006 12:30 pm

Update 4 Aug 2006
- Changed 88 O'Connel St to rejected
- Changed North Tce Stage 2 streetscape upgrade to Under Construction.

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#12 Post by AtD » Sat Aug 05, 2006 7:51 pm

Update 5 Aug 2006
- Added new Telstra proposal, for which you all owe Will your first born.

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#13 Post by AtD » Mon Aug 14, 2006 7:42 pm

Update 14 Aug 2006
- Renamed 'City West' to 'The Precint Adelaide Central' and updated Developer's link.
- Added Freemasons Apartments
- Renamed 'Telstra Building' to '12-26 Franklin Street' to avoid confusion as it is not actually by Telstra
- Added Outer Harbor upgrades

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#14 Post by AtD » Sun Aug 27, 2006 6:39 pm

Update 27 Aug 2006
- Added refrence to CC1's spire, at 110m for now

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#15 Post by AtD » Mon Aug 28, 2006 7:21 pm

Update 28 Aug 2006
- Changed Spire to 105m/33 levels

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