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#PRO: Wakefield Waters | Port Wakefield

#1 Post by AG » Tue Apr 18, 2006 9:04 am

A town divided over $250m marina project
A PROPOSED $250 million housing and marina development at Port Wakefield will add up to 2000 new homes to the town of about 800 people, but locals are split over the plan.

The developers yesterday revealed details and estimated costs of the project they say will address Port Wakefield's "massive" housing shortage.

Gulf Harbour Pty Ltd, a company controlled by the Chapman family - who were responsible for the Hindmarsh Island marina development in the 1990s - owns a 324ha site adjoining the main highway.

The proposal is for up to 2000 homes to be built south of Port Wakefield on both sides of the highway. The first stage would incorporate about 500 homes on the western side. Plans also include a marina and a shopping centre.

The company also will ask for State Government major project status to fast-track approvals and will seek outside funding for the project.

"We see this project targeting the primary residence market within commuting distance to Adelaide," developer Andrew Chapman said.

But locals have expressed mixed feelings over the plan. Retired local fisherman Frank Cicolella welcomed "any progress in Port Wakefield to get it moving".

"It will create work and bring people into the town," he said.

His son, Mark, also a retired fisherman, said such a project would boost tourism, but he was concerned about possible environmental impacts.

"The effects of dredging a channel out to build a marina could kill hundreds of mangroves," he said.

Kipling's Bakery owner John Kipling said housing should only be built on the western side of the highway.

"Our highway bypasses the town and if someone builds on the eastern side it will split the town in half and you will have a national highway going through the centre of a town," he said.

Aboriginal representatives have already expressed concern that the Port Wakefield plan could violate cultural heritage, but Mr Chapman said research showed no "sacred Aboriginal" issues.

The company is seeking meetings with the Government to discuss environmental, cultural and planning issues, but a Government spokesman said it was too early to comment.

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#2 Post by Al » Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:35 pm

That's a huge project for Pt Wakefield. The developers could probably rename the town too since it's going to double the size of the town.

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#3 Post by Algernon » Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:30 pm

Is Port Wakefield a dirt shit hole ala Whyalla and Sons? I'm just trying to get a mental image here.... drawing a blank.

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#4 Post by AG » Tue Apr 18, 2006 3:04 pm

Port Wakefield isn't exactly very busy. It forms the junction between Port Wakefield Road (NH1) and a few other highways. There isn't much on the main street other than a few shops and the petrol station.

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#5 Post by crawf » Tue Apr 18, 2006 5:26 pm

Port Wakefield is Whyallas sister - meaning is a fringing hole

soo im all up for this!!!!

but they need to build a freeway from Port Wakefiled to Port Augusta

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#6 Post by AtD » Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:07 pm

crawf_231 wrote:but they need to build a freeway from Port Wakefiled to Port Augusta

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#7 Post by Will » Wed Apr 19, 2006 4:36 pm

I haven't gone past Port Wakefield in a couple of years, but all I can remember is that the town has a very industrial appearance. It is definately not an attractive town, and for that reason I cannot fathom why anyone would want to go and live there.

Hopefully this development can alter the negative image we have of Port Wakefied.

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#8 Post by crawf » Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:56 am

Well Well Well - This Project is BIGGER than I thought it would be!!!

Found these in the Yorke Peninsula Newspaper website




tho it looks a bit strange!!!
Port Wakefield's $250 million waterway residential project
Journalist: Kathryn Crisell

A draft plan, for a marina and waterway residential project worth more than $250 million at Port Wakefield, is being hailed by the developers as "a great opportunity for the Mid North".

The Chapman family, developer of Hindmarsh Island, is behind the 2,000 home plan that will straddle Port Wakefield Road and allow the sea to flow east, under a new bridge.

Andrew Chapman, of Gulf Harbour Pty Ltd, says, while there has been no formal approach to Local or State Governments with the plan, there has been much discussion, and a meeting is scheduled with the Premier, Mr Rann.

"We hope the State Government will give us an indication at that meeting which way to go - we would hope it would gain Major Project status", he said.

The plan would see a loch constructed near the existing boat ramp, marina housing with private jetties, and facilities that include chandlery, restaurants, a medical centre, community bank, shopping centre and convention centre with tourist accommodation.

Mr Chapman concedes while the loch will help retain water levels it "may be a bit difficult to get in at low tide" due to the nature of the gulf.

Water will flow under Port Wakefield Road, to east of the town, with a "culvert style" bridge constructed to carry traffic.

"The road at that point is quite high above sea level so for drivers it will be just a small blip in the bitumen", he said. "There won't be any yacht access to the eastern side, but substantial water craft can be accommodated in the waterways.

"The western side of the development will be similar to an outstanding development at Mandurah in Western Australia - fairly high density, primary residences, sold as built form (not empty blocks)."

East of the highway, plans include more housing, a retirement village and a "swimming beach with filtered, quality monitored water".

Both east and west developments "offer opportunities for affordable housing" which Mr Chapman believes will help ease housing issues for local workers - a constant problem for Primo's abattoir.

"There is an opportunity for some affordable housing off-water - high density with some communal facilities. We have been consulting with Primo", he said. "As well, this type of development will stimulate local people to move up, which frees housing behind."

As for any future Port Wakefield bypass, Mr Chapman says the company "doesn't have a position on it, but... guess it will happen at some point".

"We have taken a best guess at where a bypass might be situated. We have elected not to wait for a decision on it", he said.

Meanwhile, infrastructure - such as power and water - has to be addressed, but Mr Chapman says that "will evolve over time".

"It will be a sustainable development - a smart development that will meet the same environmental standards we have applied to Hindmarsh Island", he said.

As well, Aboriginal heritage and coastal environment concerns have already been raised.

"The Conservation Park is not affected because it stops either side of the channel. We are not aware of any Aboriginal issues", said Mr Chapman. "However, those, as well as many other issues, will be addressed during environmental impact studies."

He predicts that will take "close to a year so we might be looking at next Easter before getting to final approvals".
Theres heaps more about the Port Wakefield Waterway Development

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Yorke Peninsula | Developments & News

#9 Post by Ben » Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:59 am

From the Advertiser

Mini Gold Coast plan for peninsula


December 29, 2006 01:15am

A CANAL across the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula would open up tourism and Gold Coast-style waterfront development and provide jobs for 20 years, an Adelaide businessman, seeking backing for the plan, has claimed.

Paint Supplies of SA owner and Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Gary Johanson said cutting a 20km channel through salt flats from a point between Point Turton and Hardwicke Bay to Mozzie Flat, near Port Moorowie, would not be difficult.
The plan would involve marinas and hotels lining the new waterway, which would be ideal for water sports and sailing, he said.

Mr Johanson, who has a business at Minlaton and a holiday home at Hardwicke Bay, was sending concept plans to developers in Queensland where he hoped to find a backer. He also had received interest from Melbourne.

"I think we need some good ideas in this state," he said. "This would be a large thing that would create a lot of excitement and provide employment for at least 20 years.

"It would be 'the' tourist place in the state . . . a mini Gold Coast. It wouldn't be a difficult thing to dig. It is flat country through there".

Mr Johanson had not estimated the cost but said it would require "a huge amount of money".

Yorke Peninsula Mayor Ray Agnew said the land, Peesey Swamp, was used for salt harvesting and light grazing. "I would think it (the plan) would be out of the realms of possibility," he said.

He said any plans would need to be approved by the council's development assessment panel. "One of these days we may see it (the plan)," he said.

State Goyder MP Steven Griffiths said the idea was "interesting" but "you'd have a hard time getting government support".

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#10 Post by Ho Really » Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:21 pm

Are there any environmental concerns with this idea? Anyone know the area well?


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#11 Post by crawf » Wed Jan 31, 2007 12:31 am

This project just keeps on getting bigger and bigger

snip from the tiser
Housing boom follows farm growth[/size]
AN INCREASE in poultry and pork farming has helped contribute to a housing boom on Yorke Peninsula and in the Mid North.

Among projects at a planning stage is a $1.5 billion, 3000-home development at Port Wakefield.
The brainchild of the Chapman family, Wakefield Waters is to include waterfront homes, medium-density housing, a marina and shopping centre.

Developer Andrew Chapman said the response to the project had been overwhelming and construction was expected to begin next year.

"Our major focus is sustainability and we will be building a waste-water treatment plant for use in the area," he said.

"At the moment, Port Wakefield does not have that sort of facility."

He said Yorke Peninsula residents were happy about the development and many had said they were likely do their shopping there.

"One of the major drivers for us to be attracted to Port Wakefield is the explosion in the local industry," he said.

"The abattoirs, the pork and poultry industries . . . it is a great opportunity for people to live in a regional centre that will have all the facilities."

With the project still in the planning stage, Mr Chapman said it would take a decade to complete.
http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/stor ... 80,00.html

That would mean Port Wakefield's population will jump to around 7,000. With potential for futher growth... good times for the yorke peninsula

Plus thats great news the locals are happy about this brilliant project, cant wait. Though $1.5b sounds too much, im pretty sure i heard $500m somewhere...

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#12 Post by Cruise » Sun Apr 01, 2007 4:40 pm

AtD wrote:
crawf_231 wrote:but they need to build a freeway from Port Wakefiled to Port Augusta
yes overkill do you drive up there often? i go up to port pirie at least once every 2 months and i tell you the roads almost 2 lanes in each direction now with all the overtaking lanes. What i believe they do need is though now is to bring Pt Wakefield road up to a freeway standard, so no more driving over the oppisote side of the road to turn and to stop devolopment along the road from Pt Wakefield to Salisbury Highway.

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Project: $1.5bn Wakefield Waters Development

#13 Post by crawf » Sat Apr 07, 2007 3:26 am

$1.5bn reason to stop, stay, play

April 07, 2007 12:15am
Article from: The Advertiser

A PORT Wakefield marina complex that will house thousands of people has been granted major development status.

The $1.5 billion Wakefield Waters project will include:

UP TO 3000 homes for up to 7000 people.

A SALTWATER, 200-berth marina filled with water channelled from Gulf St Vincent, with a sailing school, a yacht and rowing club, and a fishing retail centre.

A CHILDCARE centre, cafe, conference centre, waterfront tavern and restaurants.

SHOPPING, banking and medical facilities.

AN INTERNAL swimming beach.

Urban Development and Planning Minister Paul Holloway will announce today that, due to Wakefield Waters' environmental, economic and social significance, it will be subject to a state-run assessment.

"(The assessment) will include production of a detailed environmental assessment document – likely to be an environmental impact study in common with recent marina proposals – and public consultation," he said.

"Granting a project major development status does not mean the Government is backing the proposal, it simply kickstarts a stringent assessment process.

"The onus is now firmly on the developer to provide the necessary information to satisfy both the local community and the Government."

Adelaide-based company Gulf Harbour hopes to complete the project by early 2008, and yesterday said it would provide hundreds of employment opportunities.

Developer Andrew Chapman said the project would rejuvenate the area.

"In the 1800s this was a very busy port," he said.

"This is a great opportunity to put the focus on Port Wakefield, which was up until now a town that many drove through or drove past.

"We'll give them a reason to call Port Wakefield their base."

Mr Chapman said prices for homes had not been set, but absolute waterfront property could sell for more than $500,000, and that there would be more affordable options.

"I think it's going to cater for all walks of life," he said.


This is turning out to be a massive development, exciting times for the Yorke Peninsula though whats the current population of Port Wakefield?
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#14 Post by AG » Sat Apr 07, 2007 8:32 am

The current population is not much more than 500. So if the projected 7000 people do make a move to Port Wakefield the population will increase about 15-fold.

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"Rainwater Town" development proposal at Port Clin

#15 Post by rhino » Tue May 15, 2007 8:17 am

It seems SA Water doesn't want this proposal to get up because it doesn't involve any business for them.

From today's Advertiser:

No land title for rainwater town
May 15, 2007 02:15am

A $10.8 million housing development on Yorke Peninsula, which will rely entirely on rainwater, has been delayed for nearly a year because SA Water will not issue a new land title.

The development of 36 allotments at Port Clinton does not need any water from the River Murray but needs a land title which can only be issued by SA Water.

Developer Darryl Whitford, an engineer who has won prestigious environmental awards for water innovation, has protested to Water Security Minister Karlene Maywald about the delay.

Mr Whitford has approvals from the Development Assessment Commission and the support of the Yorke Peninsula Regional Development Board and Yorke Peninsula District Council.

"However, SA Water refuses to reply to our development application that requires a non-SA Water supply," he told The Advertiser.

Mr Whitford said he had been able to demonstrate that a house built on his development in 1945 would never have run out of water up to, and including, January this year.

"This is not a radical environmental development but one that can be scientifically substantiated," he said.

Mr Whitford accused SA Water of a conflict of interest, saying it was a commercial retailer of water but also had the right of veto over any development that did not require a supply from them.

"SA Water is demanding $27,500 per allotment with a minimum of 100 allotments before they will issue any new land titles," he said.

"However, even though they will take the $27,500, they still cannot guarantee supply of water from the Murray Darling river system."

Mr Whitford said he had first approached SA Water last June and all he received was a "generic reply" stating SA Water's water and sewerage needed to be connected.

"I believe SA Water has a negative attitude to the use of rainwater self-sustainability," Mr Whitford said.

A spokesman for Ms Maywald said she had seen Mr Whitford's letter but was seeking more information from SA Water.

An SA Water spokeswoman was unavailable for comment.

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